GSSHealth experts are actively engaged in the scientific community and regularly publish research papers in peer-reviewed journals. GSSHealth believes that intellectual leadership is key to our mission to bring policy to practice.

Recent Scientific Publications

Title: Examining the Utility and Readiness of Mobile and Field Transportable Laboratories for Biodefence and Global Health Security-Related Purposes

Publisher: Global Security: Health, Science and Policy Journal

Date: July 2018

GSSHealth Contributing Author: Martin Adams    


Title: Applying a Capability Maturity Model (CMM) to Evalutate Global Health Security-Related Research Programmes in Underresourced Areas

Publisher: Global Security:  Health, Science and Policy

Date: November 2016

GSSHealth Contributing Author: Martin L. Adams



Title: National Laboratory Planning: Developing Sustainable Biocontainment Laboratories in Limited Resource Areas

Publisher: Health Security 

Date: October 2016

GSSHealth Contributing Author: Martin Adams


Title: Availability and Use of HIV Monitoring and Early Infant Diagnosis Technologies in WHO Member States in 2011-2013

Publisher: PLOS Medicine

Date: August 2016

GSSHealth Contributing Authors: Paula Fernandes and Ekaterina Milgotina


Title: Pooled HIV-1 RNA Viral Load Testing for Detection of Antiretroviral Treatment Failure in Kenyan Children

Publisher: HHS Public Access

Date: July 2013

GSSHealth Contributing Authors: Paula Fernandes and Ekaterina Milgotina


Technical Resources and Tools

Title: Improving the quality of HIV-related POC testing: ensuring the reliability and accuracy of test results. 

Publisher: WHO

Date: December 2015

GSSHealth Contributor: Paula Fernandes



Title: Work Plan Template for Xpert MTB/RIF® Implementation and Scale-up

Publisher: FIND

Date: December 2015

GSSHealth Contributors: Michele Merkel, Paula Fernandes, Ekaterina Milgotina, Caroline Deluca and Rachel Crane


Recent Conference Presentations (Posters)

Conference: ASM Microbe Conference | June 2018 | Atlanta, GA

GSSHealth Presentation:

  • Capacity Building for Infectious Disease Laboratories in Resource-Poor Settings


Conference: CDC DGHP Annual Meeting | June 2017 | Atlanta, GA

GSSHealth Presentations:

  • A Sample Transportation Exercise in Togo: the Road from Dapaong to Lomé 

  • Development of a Sustainable National Biosafety and Biosecurity System in Togo


Conference: ASM Biothreats | February 2017 | Washington, DC

GSSHealth Presentation:

  • The Value of Standardized, Electronic Tools for Collection of Data and Program Metrics Across Multiple Countries and Projects


Conference: USDA ARS Biosafety and Biocontainment Symposium | February 2017 | Baltimore, MD

GSSHealth Presentation:

  • Use of Standardized Electronic Tools for Harmonized Data Collection Across Multiple Countries and Projects


Conference: ASLM2016 | December 2016 | Cape Town, SA

GSSHealth Presentations:

  • A Novel Quality-Focused Multi-Country Network Approach Strengthens Ministry of Defense Laboratories in West and North Central Africa

  • Use of Standardized Electronic Tools for Harmonized Data Collection across Multiple Countries and Projects

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