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GSSHealth experts are actively engaged in the scientific community and regularly publish research papers in peer-reviewed journals. GSSHealth believes that intellectual leadership is key to our mission to bring policy to practice.


Recent Scientific Publications

Title: Reconfirming HIV serostatus in three West African Military ART clinics

Publisher: Journal of Clinical Virology

Date: June 2021

GSSHealth Contributing Authors: Martin Adams, Michele Merkel


Title: Results from a malaria indicator survey highlight the importance of routine data capture in high-risk forest and farm transmission sites in Vietnam to tailor location-specific malaria elimination interventions

Publisher: PLOS ONE

Date: April 2021

GSSHealth Contributing Authors: Rosalie Whedbee, Ekaterina Milgotina


Title: From benchmarking to best practices: Lessons from the laboratory quality improvement programme at the military teaching hospital in Cotonou, Benin

Publisher: African Journal of Laboratory Medicine (AJLM)

Date: February 2021

GSSHealth Contributing Authors: Michele Merkel, Remi Charlebois, Ekaterina Milgotina, Rachel Crane


Title: The use of dried tube specimens of Plasmodium falciparum in an external quality assessment programme to evaluate health worker performance for malaria rapid diagnostic testing in healthcare centres in Togo

Publisher: BMC Malaria Journal

Date: January 2021

GSSHealth Contributing Authors: Martin Adams, Remi Charlebois, Ekaterina Milgotina, Michele Merkel 


Title: Examining the Utility and Readiness of Mobile and Field Transportable Laboratories for Biodefence and Global Health Security-Related Purposes

Publisher: Global Security: Health, Science and Policy Journal

Date: July 2018

GSSHealth Contributing Author: Martin Adams    



Title: Higher Transplacental Pathogen-Specific Antibody Transfer Among Pregnant Women Randomized to Triple Antiretroviral Treatment Versus Short Course Zidovudine

Publisher: The Pediatric Infectious Disease Journal

Date: March 2018

GSSHealth Contributing Author: Michele Merkel    


Title: Applying a Capability Maturity Model (CMM) to Evalutate Global Health Security-Related Research Programmes in Underresourced Areas

Publisher: Global Security:  Health, Science and Policy

Date: November 2016

GSSHealth Contributing Author: Martin Adams



Title: National Laboratory Planning: Developing Sustainable Biocontainment Laboratories in Limited Resource Areas

Publisher: Health Security 

Date: October 2016

GSSHealth Contributing Author: Martin Adams


Title: Availability and Use of HIV Monitoring and Early Infant Diagnosis Technologies in WHO Member States in 2011-2013

Publisher: PLOS Medicine

Date: August 2016

GSSHealth Contributing Authors: Paula Fernandes, Ekaterina Milgotina


Title: Pooled HIV-1 RNA Viral Load Testing for Detection of Antiretroviral Treatment Failure in Kenyan Children

Publisher: HHS Public Access

Date: July 2013

GSSHealth Contributing Author: Michele Merkel


Technical Resources and Tools

Title: Improving the quality of HIV-related POC testing: ensuring the reliability and accuracy of test results. 

Publisher: WHO

Date: December 2015

GSSHealth Contributor: Paula Fernandes



Title: Work Plan Template for Xpert MTB/RIF® Implementation and Scale-up

Publisher: FIND

Date: December 2015

GSSHealth Contributors: Michele Merkel, Paula Fernandes, Ekaterina Milgotina, Caroline Deluca and Rachel Crane


Recent Conference Presentations (Posters)

Conference: ASM Microbe Conference | June 2018 | Atlanta, GA

GSSHealth Presentation:

  • Capacity Building for Infectious Disease Laboratories in Resource-Poor Settings


Conference: CDC DGHP Annual Meeting | June 2017 | Atlanta, GA

GSSHealth Presentations:

  • A Sample Transportation Exercise in Togo: the Road from Dapaong to Lomé 

  • Development of a Sustainable National Biosafety and Biosecurity System in Togo


Conference: ASM Biothreats | February 2017 | Washington, DC

GSSHealth Presentation:

  • The Value of Standardized, Electronic Tools for Collection of Data and Program Metrics Across Multiple Countries and Projects


Conference: USDA ARS Biosafety and Biocontainment Symposium | February 2017 | Baltimore, MD

GSSHealth Presentation:

  • Use of Standardized Electronic Tools for Harmonized Data Collection Across Multiple Countries and Projects


Conference: ASLM2016 | December 2016 | Cape Town, SA

GSSHealth Presentations:

  • A Novel Quality-Focused Multi-Country Network Approach Strengthens Ministry of Defense Laboratories in West and North Central Africa

  • Use of Standardized Electronic Tools for Harmonized Data Collection across Multiple Countries and Projects

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