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News: WHO, CDC and GSSHealth experts publish landmark paper on diagnostic gaps in meeting UNAIDS HIV 90-90-90 Targets

Our mission is to make it happen in the field. We operationalize policy through the field implementation of processes, training and quality management systems that improve our ability to prevent, detect and respond to diseases of public health importance.

Improving the quality of public health laboratories

Simplifying quantification and forecasting

Cultivating excellence through communication

Analytics and market analysis

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Building laboratory emergency response capacity


Request our Excel-based SLIPTA Tools for Testing

We have created Excel-based versions of the latest WHO SLIPTA tool in English and French (we will update the French version as soon as the official WHO translation is available).


These tools are still being tested. Your feedback is CRITICAL  so we can constantly improve these tools to make SLIPTA audits as easy as possible. We will provide updated versions here, free of charge. Please email both request and feedback to slipta@gsshealth.com


Our new SLIPTA-based tools are featured in the latest SLMTA news!


Visit the SLMTA (www.SLMTA.org) website for the latest tools, events and resources in laboratory quality improvement.





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